As Imsan Pres;

♦ We perceive any waste disposal process as a loss of natural resources and we develop methods to prevent pollution at the source. We work on reducing, reusing, recycling and upcycling any waste.

♦ Our objective is to use energy, water, and natural resources cautiously by encouraging productivity growth and the use of new technologies.

♦ We accept that compliance both with all legal and other requirements and also the international business standards as an essential principle for our processes.

♦ Together with all of our employees, we adopt the conservation and improvement of environmental quality as a pivotal objective. We aim to secure and improve the quality of life of both employees and customers with our Environmental Policy.

The objectives developed by Imsan Pres within the framework of the Quality Management System are as follows:

♦ Raise the product quality to a level where it fully meets the needs, demands, and expectations of customers

♦ Act per the contract in the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials and to procure the materials from approved suppliers

♦ Minimize waste and also the loss of labor and material by proceeding in a well-thought-of and planned approach to achieve the determined targets

♦ Reduce operating costs by working for the same purpose all together from the top management to the bottom level

♦ Ensure the increase of production and eliminate the deficiencies in the quality improvement by acting in unison for solving problems, generating ideas, developing proposals, making decisions and taking action with the maximum speed.

♦ Establish the awareness that the fundamental element is the human factor and that all individuals have a share in the success of the company. Regulate employee-employer relations by displaying this perception with both verbally and behaviorally.

♦ Keep the motivation and morale of the staff high with the awareness that quality and efficiency can only be achieved by working with well-trained and high-performance people

♦ Increase the credibility of the organization by operating systematically and consistently to reach the desired targets

♦ Plan and implement the required quality management system to achieve the targeted quality level and to ensure continuous improvement

As Imsan Pres and its employees, we comply with national and international legal regulations and principles to create a healthy and safe working environment based on continuous improvement. The matters we take into consideration within the framework of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy are as follows:

♦ Minimize health and safety risks that may arise in the working environment,

♦ Provide relevant trainings to employees at all levels to create and develop occupational health and safety awareness and make these trainings a part of company culture.

♦ Increase productivity by following a "zero work accident" policy and taking necessary measures